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The Smelly Good Shop - Chiriga Lear

Certified Consultant

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My Story

I was introduced to Scentsy about 8 years ago, when my friend, who knew I loved candles, introduced me to it. I bought a few warmers and lots of wax and was super impressed with the quality of fragrance.  I was never privy to the Scentsy presentation about the safety features or value for the money or lifetime warranty I just bought it because the warmers were pretty and the wax smelled good.  Fast forward 3 years and I’ve just closed my daycare business in order to just homeschool my kids and spend quality time with them before they go off to college.  I was looking forward to the start of the school year and I could not shake the feeling that I am supposed to encourage my children’s entrepreneurial spirits.  My daughter bakes cakes and my son raises chickens and sells eggs.  I’ve always helped them anyway I could, but God wanted me to do more.  Start another business and involve them… Lead by example.  I thought I had done that with my daycare, but He said He wasn’t done with me yet, (Thank God). At the very end of the summer, I happened upon a yard sale… This was the yard sale of a former consultant and she happened to have a couple of warmers and lots of testers for sale.  My daughter and I ended up standing there sniffing and fighting over testers (I had never smelled all of Scentsy’s fragrances… just the 8-10 scents I had bought a few years ago and stockpiled, lol).  I began asking the young lady why she was selling her stuff.  She told me she was moving to Ireland to get married and simply couldn’t take very much.  She LOVED her business though, and enjoyed meeting new people and made a decent amount of money at it.  Immediately, I heard what God was saying.  But I had to mull it over and RESEARCH it.  My daughter was excited about the prospect though, and my husband is always very supportive. After about a week or so, and I contacted my consultant (who is now my Director).  She was so sweet and took so much time out of her busy life to answer my questions and entertain my “what if’s”.   I took the plunge and joined the Scentsy Family expecting to earn the money from my investment back and maybe get a few more warmers for my house and HOPEFULLY earn a bit more money along the way; however, I wasn’t expecting the SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT, and SISTERHOOD that would come along even before I opened my kit from my family and friends and eventually from my Scentsy Sisters.  I was encouraged to set larger goals and then I surpassed them.  Scentsy has allowed me to dream big not only for myself but also for my friends and acquaintances that I have yet to meet.  I never thought I was a “salesperson” and I still don’t claim to be… I only have to share how much I LOVE Scentsy’s products and the Scentsy Family and my products speak for themselves.  I am so glad that I started The Smelly Good Shop with Scentsy.  The Lord is showing me so many things with this business opportunity.  I have been so blessed and humbled by the support I have been given and I hope to be able to share Scentsy Love and give back in turn.    <!--endbody-->  

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